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Vinyl Tubing –

Used for conveying liquids and gases when an extremely flexible and transparent hose is 

required. Our tubing is non-toxic and conforms to FDA standards.


Nylon Reinforced Vinyl Tubing –

Used for conveying fluid and air on Pneumatic Lines, Lubrication Lines, Oil and Fuel     

Lines, Coolant Lines, Beverages, Water Feed & Paper Pulp Lines

Polyethylene Tubing –

Used for conveying liquids and vapors where clarity and extreme flexibility is not required. 

Natural, Black (colors available on request).

Nylon Tubing  -

Chemical resistant Parflex nylon tubing has the benefits of better flexibility, lighter weight and resistance to flexural fatigue.   NN and NB tubing meet UL94HB flame resistance ratings in wall thicknesses of .033” and greater.  Operating temperatures, depending upon conditions, are –65 F to +200F continuous.  Available in natural (NN) and black (NB).  Black tubing is recommended for use outdoors and in sunlit areas.  

Tygon Specification Tubing    


B-44-4X                                  Food, Milk, Milk Products

B-44-3                                     Beverages, Limited Food Use

R3603                                     Laborato

R3400                                     Flexible, heavy Duty Chemical 

R2400                                     Semi-Rigid Heavy Duty Chemical

F-404-A                                  Fuels and Lubricants

Tygothane                               Fuel and Lubricant applications where superior    and greater temperature range is required